Azure Stack TP2 November refresh

Last week Microsoft published a new release of Microsoft Azure Stack TP2. This release included support for features like SQL RP, MySQL and Azure App Services so a bunch of PaaS services.

First it though yeah.. new features 🙂 !! But then I looked back and though.. o man this is gonna cost me a lot of deployment time again. Considering the previous issue’s I had before which you can read on this blog.

After downloading, extracting, copying and processing (which you can read all about here) i executed my deployment last night (my hosts are in a different time zone, so my last night was not yet server night 🙂 ).


This morning I checked my server to see what the deployment did and I was pleasantly surprised with a completed Azure Stack TP2 November Update deployment! Big kuddo’s to the Azure Stack Product team for the improvements on the deployment process!


Total deployment time about 5 hours and 20 minutes. Also noticed that the time syncing is takes places right at the start of the deployment, maybe that improved the deployment process.

Next stop! check out the new resource providers.

Good luck!
Pascal Slijkerman

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