System Center 2016 VMM Logical Switch Improvements

Over the last month I had some time to play around with Windows Server 2016 TP3 and VMM 2016 TP3. There were some nice improvements in the logical switch section that makes our job a bit more easy.

Back in VMM 2012 R2 you could create a logical switch with uplink profiles and classifications that you can use for all hosts and then add the virtual switch per host. Then you also have to create all virtual nics also on a per host bases. That can be a lot of work and creates room for error and name mismatches.

Now in VMM 2016 you can create you’re VNic’s in the Logical Switch object.


After that you can configure the virtual switch on the host and then add the logical switch with all the virtual NICS you have created in the logical switch.
That saves us some work right?Also when configuring a logical switch in VMM 2012 R2 there was no option of setting bandwidth options for the virtual switch. When the virtual switch was created it was default on weight mode.

The ability to set bandwidth mode in VMM in the Logical Switch Wizard is added in System Center VMM 2016.

These are just two of all the new features that are added to VMM 2016.


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