Remove Azure Stack TP1 to install TP1.1

If you tried out Azure Stack Preview 1 and want to play arround with TP 1.1 release you have to remove the current Azure Stack deployment. I was unable to find a documented uninstall (if somebody does please leave a comment šŸ™‚ ) so i just deleted everything.

I have a one node setup so here is what I did:

  • Turn of all VM’s
  • Deleted all cluster roles;
  • Removed the VM’s;
  • Destroyed the cluster;
  • Removed the storage pool and its volumes;
  • Removed my node from the azurestack.local domain and rebooted;
  • Removed the virtual switch;
  • Uninstalled the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric from my host.

After that started the DeployAzurestack.ps1 and it’s runs really fast!! But actually doesn’t ask you for anything like credentials and stuff. It jumps to the last step and completes successfully without doing anything.

Turns out the script looks in the folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\AzureStack for config and status. But that is from my old setup TP1. Clear that folder and rerun the setup.

And now it runs a fresh setup of Azure Stack Preview TP1.1 and you have to wait for several hour before the fun starts!

Good luck!
Pascal Slijkerman

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