Microsoft Azure Stack

Yes! Last Friday the first public preview of Microsoft Azure Stack (MAS) TP1 was released. Twitter was going crazy and I saw a lot of downloads and deploys passing by. I was also blessed with some hardware from my company that meets the specs for an Azure Stack TP1 deployment.

So I can test and deploy MAS to! Whoohoe! 🙂

My physical host was installed with Windows Server 2016 TP4 and disabled all Nics but one. Installed all Windows updates including the specific KB3124262

After that run powershell as an admin. Give the powershell command and of you go!

DeployAzureStack.ps1 –verbose

Then after several reboots and hours of waiting the deployment has finished!


Now it’s time to explore! And as you al might have heard, Azure and Azure Stack are almost the same. The foundation of Azure and Azure stack are the same. Deploy your applications on Azure and move them to Azure Stack or the other way around. Off course there is much work to do and much, much more exploring and testing to be done by me. But he!!… it’s here and we can start!


Oh.. one side note before you rush of and deploy it. You need a azure ad account so beware of that. The account needs to be an global admin (or maybe user admin, did not test that) because the setup wil create some users for the Azure Stack environment.


Good luck exploring!
Pascal Slijkerman

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